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Such A Dark Year || 2020 Christmas Poem

Such a Dark Year I sit under the stars to reflect on such a dark year. It is not one I could bear anymore to stand. And I can only count...

Coronavirus Tips with Dr Nik Johnson

Over the past few weeks, cases of the coronavirus have escalated across the world. Thousands have been diagnosed, people have died, and...

EXCLUSIVE: £800k wasted on bridge plan

Black Cat Radio - in collaboration with the Hunts Post - has uncovered that hundreds of thousands of pounds have been spent on a bridge...

Interview: Crommie the Spy Dog

I went to find out about a special dog that helped spies who went on daring missions during World War Two.

Interview: Slade Drummer Don Powell

Listen to this exciting interview with Don Powell, the drummer of Slade that we did recently on the Full English Breakfast Show

New Mic: Black Cat Radio

I have a big announcement. Starting today I am with Black Cat Radio, where I'll be reading the news on their Full English Breakfast show


Thank you for checking out my brand new website. This displays the best of the last five years of my work in the media. I've had the...

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