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Such A Dark Year || 2020 Christmas Poem

Such a Dark Year

I sit under the stars to reflect on such a dark year.

It is not one I could bear anymore to stand.

And I can only count the number of laughs on one hand.

What has there been to cheer?

I bask in the beams of moonlight in the crisp and frosty air.

I had fallen deeply in love and had finally broken the mould.

It all started so bright and bold.

Yet how could it all end so foul and unfair?

I catch the sea breeze passing through every finger.

One full day with my family I can linger.

It feels like my attempts to rescue Christmas will slip.

Let me be free from this dark year’s grip.

I flee indoors to seek sanctuary by a warm fire.

My first-love’s gaze sparked the greatest desire.

Yet I feel cold, in a year my heart was set alight,

As my chest grew evermore tight.

I fall heavily onto my pillow, tucked snugly, and covered.

My zeal for life totally sucked and smothered.

It cannot stop my restless tossing and turning.

This dark guest keeps returning.

Oh! this merciless plague.

My heartbeats were on a roll,

It was an attack on my soul,

locked down within my shell,

no doctor could make me well.

But I cast my gaze back to one such dark year,

there was separation, angst, and despair,

when deaths exceed and a Caesar decreed,

Yet there was born a babe, to be that year’s hero.

Now we Lord that dark year, zero.

On the darkest night, angels sang the most joyful song

'bout this babe as the brightest light,

And again, I was flooded with delight.

I could lend my voice and join-in with heaven’s throng.

Though separated from those we love by unjust decree,

I have never felt my heart so free.

For before I had shouted for my life with one last plea.

Although shut out from all the stores,

The promise to an end to all wars

came from this child of peace.

His rule will forever increase.

And one day, my chest pains will finally cease.

Though far apart from those we love;

I have gained strength and might from above.

It came over me like a dove.

While locked down, I was let out.

While over-ruled, I was freed.

While downcast, I was lifted up.

I didn’t save Christmas, Christmas saved me.

And so, in such a dark year I can cheer.

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